Blast! attends America’s favorite Travel & Adventure show event in D.C.

This past weekend, our CEO and producer of Taste of Travel Chicago took a trip to D.C. to see some of the top culinary performers serve some of their favorite meals for attendees. Of the chefs that were at the event, Kevin Etenson, executive chef at Retson’s Red Table is pictured preparing a meal below, as well as one of the chefs from Carmine’s. Some of our other favorite chefs were there, including Cooper’s Hawk’s executive chef, Matt McMillin, who prepared and served a very tasty brussel sprout salad. Cooper’s Hawk will be at Taste of Travel‘s event in Chicago on February 10th & 11th, serving up some satisfying vino for all. Blast! Marketing produces all of the Taste of Travel stages in DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and Philly, and welcomes travelers from all over the world who enjoy food as much as us.

Carmine's SteakhouseCarmine's Dessert DishChef Kevin Etenson






















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