Guarantee a Happy Mother’s Day with Whole Trade™ Flowers

Give Mom a Gift that Keeps on Giving with Environmentally and Socially Responsible Flowers 
With Mother’s Day around the corner, daughters and sons search for the perfect way to show they care.  As spring turns into summer, colorful blooms are a great way to celebrate how moms selflessly give to those around them and brighten up their lives.

Whole Trade flowers from Whole Foods Market® have many of the same characteristics that Mom does – they’re not only beautiful, but they keep on giving.  Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade Guarantee ensures that growers get equitable wages and working conditions while also caring for the environment.  Additionally, funds from Whole Trade Guarantee sale support community development projects in the countries products are sourced from, such as schools, education programs and health services.  Send a sweet message to Mom this Mother’s Day or any day with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and not only make her day, make someone else’s too.

· Whole Trade Guarantee means growers pay fair wages, provide safe working conditions, care for the environment and meet Whole Foods Market’s high quality standards.

· Through the purchases by its shoppers, Whole Foods Market has provided millions of dollars in social premiums for Whole Trade flowers.

· “When shoppers purchase a bouquet of Whole Trade Guarantee flowers for their mom or a loved one, they’re not only getting beautiful, high-quality blooms, but their purchases help make a difference in the lives of the people who grow them.”
–  John Walker, Senior Global Produce Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

· “Whole Foods Market has not only sought out the finest roses in south America for mother’s day but is paying a 10 percent premium to improve the lives of flower workers, most of whom are women and many of whom are mothers themselves. In fact, WFM was the first US retailer to generate $1 million in Community Development Premiums which has funded hundreds of scholarships for children and adults, provided micro loans for small businesses, cancer screening for women and decent housing for the community.”
–  Paul Rice, President and CEO, Fair Trade US 

Whole Foods Market® Celebrates National Salad Month

Just when people are thinking about slimming down and enjoying lighter foods for summer, May marks National Salad Month. To celebrate the season, Whole Foods Market celebrates Salad Month with healthy, nutritious and simple DIY salad dressings.Salads can be a healthier choice, but topping those greens, beans and veggies with the wrong dressing can turn that healthy choice into a SAD (Standard American Diet) one. To avoid salad sabotage, Whole Foods Market suggests skipping the overly processed prepared salad dressing and instead opting for easy-to-prepare homemade dressings.

All that is needed is a good blender, fruit (fresh, frozen and dried), vinegars, lemons and limes, nuts and a few pantry herbs and spices. Nuts and fruits can make for creamy and flavorful salad dressings without adding any extracted oils or refined sugars, plus you get the health benefits of those nutrient-dense ingredients.

Whole Foods Market’s Health Starts Here program provides tasty flavor combinations from which contain whole, plant-strong, nutrient dense and healthy fats as ingredients:
·  No Oil Balsamic Dressing:
·  Low-Fat Creamy “Caesar” Dressing:
·  Spring Salad with Strawberries and Creamy Orange Avocado Dressing:
·  Strawberry Balsamic Dressing:
·  Summer Salad with Peach Walnut Dressing:
       ·  Black Bean Salad with Avocado-Lime Dressing:

Chicago Premiere of Bonsai People at Facets Cinémathèque While Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus is in Town

The latest documentary by award winning filmmaker Holly Mosher titled Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus – the first film looking at his work from microcredit to social business – will make its Chicago Premiere at Facets Cinemateque while Yunus is in town for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and to receive the Transformational Leader of the Year award from the Wright Foundation for Transformational Leadership.  The film is an emotionally compelling look at his work tackling poverty from all angles.


“Seeing the real people in this movie gives you the real experience of the work I do.” says Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus.

Bonsai People highlights his work offering, not only financial services, but also health services, energy, communications and more – all aimed at helping the poor.  The screening is being held the day after The International Day of Peace to remind us that we need to address problems of economic disparity – as it is one of the biggest threats to peace.


Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus is a free screening sponsored by Whole Foods Market and any donations will go to Whole Planet Foundation. Please RSVP to

The screening will take place April 26, 2012 from 7-9pm at Facets Cinémathèque – 1517 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

Discover Spanish Wines at Whole Foods Market

Discover Spanish wines at Whole Foods Market®

Featuring THE SHOW Tour Wine Tasting


Chicago April 18, 2012 – From crisp Albariño to velvety Tempranillo, this spring Whole Foods Market’s Chicagoland locations celebrate Spain’s wine heritage by featuring 12 stellar wines from one of the world’s most exciting wine regions, all priced under $20.


With the largest grape acreage in the world, Spain is also the third largest producer of wine, following only Italy and France. Shoppers can learn firsthand about the diversity of Spanish wines, wineries and wine regions at this lively in-store wine tasting.


THE SHOW Garnacha creators Charles Bieler and Roger Scommegna are hosting wine tastings and participating in bottle signings at six Chicagoland Whole Foods Market locations the week of April 24, including the much-anticipated April 27 event at Whole Foods Market’s Lincoln Park location. Guests can taste the wine and mingle at the wine bar. Hosts vary by location, complete list available below.


Wednesday, April 25 4 – 8 p.m.Roger Scommegna NORTHBROOK



Thursday, April 26 4 – 8 p.m.Roger Scommegna  




Thursday, April 26 4 – 8:30 p.m.Charles Bieler  


1101 S. CANAL S


Friday, April 27 3:30 – 6 p.m.Roger Scommegna  




Friday, April 27 4 – 7 p.m.7-10 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Roger Scommegna and Charles Bieler  




Saturday, April 28 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.Charles Bieler  





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THE SHOW Garnacha

THE SHOW was created by “The Three Thieves”, Charles Bieler, Roger Scommegna, and Joel Gott, three daring winemakers who source the best grapes from four of the world’s top wine regions – Argentina, California, Chile, and Spain. THE SHOW wines are all about personality with its eye-catching label and bold flavors.  The Three Thieves newest launch, THE SHOW Garnacha, hails from Calatayud, Spain.  Garnacha is a Spanish varietal with aromas of spice and intense red berries. It’s soft on the palate, usually with layered flavors of raspberry, licorice, and black pepper with hints of earth and oak.  The wines are sourced from premium Garnacha grapes from Calatayud, which is located in the northeastern portion of Spain and produces some of the highest quality wine in the country. The region is famous for it’s bold red wines and Garnacha accounts for more than half of the region’s production.


CHARLES BIELER, Three Thieves, “the Explorer”

A wine innovator, explorer, marathon runner and New Yorker, Charles Bieler has an eye for the creative opportunity and a knack for combining outrageous propositions into a winner. Charles spent his formative wine business years in Provence, France, including several years at Chateau Routas.  He also spent a harvest in the Coonawarra region of Australia.


ROGER SCOMMEGNA, Three Thieves, “The Entrepreneur”

Serial entrepreneur, connoisseur, grape grower and hotelier Roger Scommegna was a business man from the time he was in high school, opening one of the Chicago area’s first skate shops.  In college, he opened a multi-state chain of video arcades. In 1983, looking to buy his first home and frustrated by the difficulty of finding available houses, Roger started a marketing company that ultimately became the world’s most trafficked real estate website.  He began a new chapter as a winemaker and hotelier in 1999, becoming a partner in the Boonville Hotel and building a vineyard in Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley.


After a chance meeting with Joel Gott, the three men started a new Mission:   To bring great wine at reasonable prices to the public. Ever since meeting, they’ve been known as the “Three Thieves” and have been creating great wines such as THE SHOW at a price that’s a steal.

Tips to Throwing an Environmentally Friendly Party

Tips to Throwing an Environmentally Friendly Party

  Celebrating Earth Day 2012 with help from Whole Foods Market®
There’s no better time than Earth Day to celebrate a healthy planet. Whole Foods Market offers the tips, tastes and tools you need to throw a more environmentally friendly party – one that will have your guests giving two (green) thumbs up.1. Be picky with produce. Shopping in-season for local offerings, looking for Whole Trade™ products or opting for organic are smart choices that make a big impact. Fruits and vegetables are clearly labeled to give shoppers more information on produces origin and how it’s grown.

2. Select sustainable seafood. As of Earth Day, Whole Foods Market will be the first national retailer to no longer carry red-rated species in our seafood departments. Red-rated species are suffering from overfishing, or they’re caught in ways that harm other marine life or ocean ecosystems. Our fishmongers can tell you the sustainability status of any fish in the case, and help you choose the perfect fish for any recipe.

3. Sip organically. Wine enthusiasts are turning to organic wines more than ever before—tip a glass to wine with big flavor and lower impact on the planet. Some of our favorites include:
·  Spanish Castaño Organic Monastrell from Yecla: an easy-drinking red made from 30-year-old vines with a bright, fresh raspberry bouquet with dense cherry flavors for about $11.
·  Italian La Cantina Pizzolato Organic Cabernet Sauvignon: a dry, medium-to-full bodied wine with aromas of honey-roasted pineapple and roasted green pepper, with hints of tangy cranberry notes priced at $13.

4. Brighten your table. Our Whole Trade™ flowers help ensure more money to the producers, better wages for workers and sustainable farming where the stems are grown, so it’s a beautiful purchase you can feel good about. Another great tip – use a variety of citrus as a centerpiece and repurpose for garnishes, salad toppers and more!

5. Don’t let leftovers go to waste. Guests can be shy about wanting more of tasty dishes for the next day, so send ‘em packin’ with some goodies in a reusable bag, like Whole Foods Market’s Better Bag™.

6. Use products from recycled material/that can be recycled. If you need to use disposable products, opt for those that can be recycled or washed again for future use. You can also look for items made from recycled materials, like our 365 Everyday Value paper towels and napkins.

Learn more about Whole Foods Market’s Green Mission at

Whole Foods Market® to Stop Selling Red-Rated Seafood

Whole Foods Market® to Stop Selling Red-Rated Seafood

  Becomes first national grocer to eliminate red-rated, wild-caught species from fish counters, meets seafood sustainability goal one year early‘Fishmonger Face-Off’ contest to highlight team members’ skill and knowledge while educating shoppers on responsibly caught seafood

NEW YORK (March 30, 2012) – Beginning this Earth Day (April 22), Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM) will no longer carry red-rated wild-caught fish in its seafood departments. The move, which comes one year ahead of the company’s self-imposed deadline of Earth Day 2013, makes Whole Foods Market the first national grocer to stop selling red-rated seafood.

A red rating indicates that a species is suffering from overfishing or that current fishing methods harm other marine life or habitats; the ratings are determined by nonprofit research organizations Blue Ocean Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Since 2010, Whole Foods Market has worked with the two groups to display their color-coded sustainability ratings to help customers make informed choices when selecting wild-caught seafood. Each of the company’s regions has chosen to display ratings by either Monterey Bay Aquarium or Blue Ocean Institute.

“We are now able to offer more sustainable seafood choices than ever before, and we are thrilled that our suppliers have worked with us so swiftly to find high-quality green- and yellow-rated seafood so we could not only meet, but beat our deadline. This shift allows us to promote and highlight fisheries that use responsible fishing methods and source from areas where fish are most abundant and fisheries are well-managed,” said David Pilat, Whole Foods Market’s global seafood buyer. “Through collaborations with the Marine Stewardship Council, Blue Ocean Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium (SeaChoice in Canada), we offer our shoppers information to help them make conscious seafood choices for themselves, their families and our oceans.”

Whole Foods Market continues to offer one of the widest selections of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish such as Alaska salmon, Pacific halibut, Nova Scotia harpoon-caught swordfish, and Pacific cod. The MSC is the world’s leading international, multi-stakeholder, fishery certification program.

Use of the MSC eco-label remains the company’s primary indicator for seafood sustainability; for wild fish not certified by the MSC, Blue Ocean Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s green or “Best Choice” ratings mean the species are abundant and are caught in environmentally friendly ways; yellow or “Good Alternative” indicates some concerns exist with the species’ status or catch methods.

As of April 22, Atlantic halibut, grey sole, skate, and others will no longer be available. Some stores have already eliminated these species from their cases; for years, the company has not sold other species with sustainability concerns such as orange roughy and bluefin tuna.

Whole Foods Market’s knowledgeable fishmongers will help recommend alternatives such as MSC-certified Pacific halibut and yellow-rated Dover sole, and Atlantic flounder.

“Our passionate fishmongers are excellent at helping navigate our shoppers toward the best environmental choices. They stand ready to assist with cooking tips and recipe ideas and can cut to order, fillet, debone, de-vein, and more,” said Pilat. “Not only will shoppers take home a delicious piece of fish but also the peace of mind that they are doing their part to ensure fish for future generations. Together with our shoppers and vendor partners, we hope to spark a sea change to reverse overfishing and reduce bycatch.”

To highlight the company’s knowledgeable and skilled fishmongers, Whole Foods Market will host its first-ever “Fishmonger Face-Off” in which North American team members will compete for the title of the company’s top fishmonger. On June 16, the company’s 11 best fishmongers will travel to the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, where they will show off their sharp knives and sharp minds in a series of quick-fire challenges that will test their skills and knowledge of sustainable seafood.

To learn more about Whole Foods Market’s sustainable seafood initiative and its partners, please visit

Whole Foods Market® Celebrates National Sweet Potato Month

With February being National Sweet Potato Month, Whole Foods Market would like to share reasons why sweet potatoes are worth celebrating all year long.  Besides being delicious, easy to cook and versatile, sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and flavor.

Cooking with sweet potatoes is a fat-free way to stay full longer. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and packed with vitamins. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A (beta-carotene).

Whether home cooks are looking for something sweet or savory, sweet potatoes can satisfy.  Sweet potato lovers are invited to give these Health Starts Here recipes from Whole Foods Market a try to see just how tasty these root vegetables can be:

     ·     Especially Good Sweet Potatoes
     ·     Pita Chips with Sweet Potato Mash and Smoked Almonds
     ·     Sweet Potatoes with Collards and Aduki Beans
     ·     Tempeh Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

Whole Foods Market® 10 Host Gifts Under $10

Chicago, IL (December 7, 2011) – Nothing could be worse than showing up to a holiday gathering empty-handed.  Whole Foods Market® (Nasdaq: WFM) offers sure-fire wins to present to any host whether it is for a casual get together or a formal affair – and all for under $10! And, with ideas this affordable, guests can do as much merrymaking as they like without giving the wallet that holiday hangover.


Earthstone Sonoma County Merlot (California) $8.99

Plum and blueberry flavors with a touch of dried herb dominate this soft, rich Merlot. Sustainably farmed vineyards and produced in a solar-powered, carbon neutral winery.

Innovac!ón Malbec-Tempranillo (Argentina) $9.99
A modern blend of “New World” and “Old World” grapes, this vegan wine is ripe and juicy, with spice and cocoa notes, and the liter-sized bottle offers a great value.  Sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices.

Mrs. Beachley’s Mulled Wine $8.99
This warm red wine drink, rich with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices, is a favorite around a winter fire. Fill your house with sugar and spice by heating this mulled wine on the stovetop with a cinnamon stick or nutmeg or serving with brandy, cognac or even Morello cherries.

Herve Mons Camembert Exclusive for $9.99
Herve Mons Camembert is a strong, earthy, creamy little piece of heaven with a bloomy white rind. Herve Mons is one of the most well respected French affineurs, who selects Camembert exclusively for Whole Foods Market from small producers near the lush green pastures of Normandy and then oversees the aging process.


Whole Trade™ Flowers Exclusive and beginning at $10
Beautify any holiday table with calla lilies, gerbera daisies, roses in stems or sprays … and no guilt. Whole Trade flowers are guaranteed grown according to strict criteria for ethical trade, eco-friendly farming and the highest quality.

Brussels Sprouts Stalk Between $4 and $6/stalk
Perfect for hosts who have a knack for cooking and a love for creative gifts. Forgo flowers and offer a tall, hearty Brussels sprout stalk instead. The stalks are impressive and creatively unique.


Whole Foods Market™ Truffled Roasted Walnuts (3.5 oz.) Exclusive for $7.99.
Crunchy, rich and delicious, these truffled walnuts are one of the best chocolate bangs for the buck. Made in France with just a few simple ingredients, including premium roasted walnuts and rich chocolate, it’s best not to open them when you’re alone.

Whole Foods Market™ Organic Truffles — Chocolate and Caramel (8.8 oz.) Exclusive for $5.99
Imported from France, our rich, creamy chocolate and caramel truffles are a decadent mélange of simple organic ingredients. Take a box of these along to a party and get out of the way, fast.

Whole Foods Market™ Espresso Clusters (8.8 oz.) Exclusive for $5.99
Creamy, rich, dark chocolate enrobes bits of roasted espresso beans for intense flavor and crunchy texture. The irresistible combination makes a great midday pick-me-up and a lovely gift for any chocolate or coffee lover.

Dalmatia Sour Cherry Spread Exclusive for $5.99
The perfect-for-a-cheese-plate sour cherry spread has beautiful pieces of ripe cherries, with the perfect equilibrium of fruit and acidity. Made from the producers of our Organic Fig Spread, this makes an unexpected hostess treat paired with a blue cheese or simply by adding to Greek yogurt.


Whole Foods Market Organic Lavender Triple-Milled Soap Exclusive for $5.99/8oz.
Exquisitely crafted in the South of France, this rich, creamy soap is made with organic palm and coconut oils, scented with essential oils and is phthalate- and preservative-free. With a sweet, calming scent, this premium soap is triple-milled to ensure a luxurious lather. It also meets Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care standards.

Whole Foods Market Organic Lemon Verbena Triple-Milled Soap Exclusive for $5.99/8oz.
This organic soap, exquisitely crafted in the South of France, is made with organic palm and coconut oils, scented with all essential oils and is phthalate and preservative free. With a crisp, sweet scent, this premium soap is triple-milled to ensure a luxurious lather. It also meets Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care standards.

Whole Foods Market Special Diets & Holiday Dining

\ Whole Foods Market® (Nasdaq: WFM), While a wonderful time for celebration, the holidays can also be stressful when planning the perfect meal.  More and more, guests come to the table with special diet needs – from vegan to gluten-free – or they are just committed to healthier versions of their holiday favorites.

Whole Foods Market can help keep the dinner parties festive while taking care of these special dietary considerations.  Here are a few examples of vegan, gluten-free (GF), non-dairy (DF) and Health Starts Here recipes and products to help hosts and shoppers prepare a feast that everyone can enjoy.


· Gluten Free Bread Stuffing – satisfying alternative to traditional bread stuffing (GF)
· Quinoa with Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms – earthy, flavorful and great source of plant protein (Vegan/Veg, GF, DF)
· Quinoa with Watercress, Pears and  Pomegranate – colorful, festive and packed with flavor (Vegan/Veg, GF, DF)
· Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Shallots –  natural nuttiness and mild cabbage flavor balances with tart, softened apples and shallots (Vegan/Veg, GF, DF)
· Especially Good Sweet Potatoes – (Vegan/Veg, DF, Low Sodium)
· Butternut Squash Soup –   (Vegan/Veg, DF, Fat Free, Low Sodium)
· Green Beans with Pecans and Clementine Dressing  –  (Vegan/Veg, GF, DF)


· Celebration Lentil Loaf with Vegan Mushroom Gravy — deep, robust flavor from wild mushrooms and a splash of white wine
· Shoppers can also pick up any of these readymade vegan roasts at a local Whole Foods Market:
– Field Roast® (Vegan/Veg, DF)
– Tofurky® Roast (Vegan/Veg, DF)
– Gardein™ Savory Stuffed Turk’y and other meat-free dishes  (Vegan/Veg, DF)


· Arrowhead Mills Gluten-Free Assorted Baking mixes
· 365 Everyday Value Vegan Pumpkin and Apple Crumb pies
· 365 Everyday Value Vegan Stuffing Mix

HEALTHY DESSERTS & NON-DAIRY DRINKS (to sip or use when cooking):

· Pumpkin Pecan Cookies – healthier alternative to traditional pumpkin pie (Vegan/Veg, DF)
· Zen Chocolate Rice Milk Pudding –decadent pudding with luscious chocolate flavor and almond milk (vegan and soy free )
· Soy Delicious Nog and Chocolate Mint Coconut Milk – made with coconut milk for a deliciously creamy texture
· Earth Balance Soymilk and Soy Nog –made with organic soy, Non-GMO Project verified
· WestSoy Soynog
· Earth Balance Spreads (vegan) – great dairy spread alternative

Whole Foods Market Lincoln Park Wellness Club

 Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading natural and organic foods retailer, announces its first Chicago area Wellness Club at the Lincoln Park location.  This program, developed by Whole Foods Market medical doctors, a registered dietician and healthy eating enthusiasts, is available for a one-time fee of $1 and $49 each month.  It includes:

  • Unlimited skill-building classes and demonstrations including cooking, yoga and fitness classes and nutrition education
  • A 10 percent discount on thousands of healthier foods throughout the Lincoln Park store
  • A supportive community environment
  • Access to a local provider network that offers discounted goods and services to Wellness Club members
  • Discounted member prices on Supper Clubs and private coaching and cooking sessions

Some upcoming classes on the calendar include Hatha Yoga, The Skinny on Fats, Reading Labels, and Protein: Fact & Fiction.

Those interested in reviewing the classes available should visit:

Where:   Whole Foods Market Lincoln Park Wellness Club
1550 N. Kingsbury St.

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